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Project Management Of A Global Team

Project Management of a Global Team

The world is getting smaller. Well, it isn’t physically getting smaller but that is one way of rendering that global communications have become consequently fast paced that the world is really unrivaled community in a lot of ways. With the advent of the internet, email, instant messaging and VOIP, it is well possible to do business with trading partners around the terrene without ever leaving your office.

For many businesses who are on the cutting edge of new business paradigms, the concept of a geographically isolated business is becoming obsolete. It is entirely possible to put well-balanced a business consortium or a project team made of subject matter experts spread across all bout zones and from around the world. In fact, this kind of decentralized management of business projects is becoming more of the norm than the exception in the twenty first century business environment.

So just as those in marketing, product unraveling besides investments own already learned how to maximize a project team that is separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, the project administrator occasion also adapt the project management methodology to accommodate a similar approach to getting business done.

Conventional project management is a systematic approach to taking a project from scope to implementation that has proven best-selling in thousands of companies. We have no reason to abandon this well developed methodology. But as dissimilar business paradigms come to play, we have to adapt even a standard methodology like project management to fit the way business is done in this century.

Communications is the key to any successful project. This is the challenge of utilizing a team from across a great geographical divide. It is entirely latent you may execute the entire project with team members you never see. Then to facilitate frequent and up to date communications, we must exploit the technology we have at our disposal such as…

§ Blogs, wiccis and shared working environments. Group sharing environments on the web are becoming more and more common. By setting up a tool set on line in which team members can post status reports, leave emails, update the project management software, file expense reports also stay in touch with each other, you facilitate the kind of communication that keeps the team moving forward successfully. Blogs, original message boards and wiccis are also striking means by which an ongoing “conversation” can be carried out between team members that anyone can check interestedness and get touched up with the content of what has been done and what is being planned for the project.

§ Controlled email trees. As the project manager, email is an obvious conduct to quickly stay in touch with team members. However, it can get confused trying to keep up on fast moving email trees. That may represent a superb actuation to trap all emails trees within your online project management software so the contributions of everyone on the team can be captured for supplementary march past.

§ IM staff meetings. IM can be expanded so it doesn’t just bring in two participants. You can schedule your weekly staff meetings using an IM conference room and capture the faultless action in the IM log thus assuring yourself that nothing that was said will “fall through the cracks.

By becoming talented at using cyberspace as the primary “location” of your project team’s interaction, you incubus literally create a team of highly specialized facility that can be located from anywhere in the world. This vastly expands your ability to tap the best minds for your work and to streamline the project management process. It will take time to get used to and there will be some missteps along the way. But if you can conquer global team management using internet tools, it will act for a valuable skill for successfully executing global projects for your business.


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